How does the Product Search Tool work?
The Product Search Function is designed to help you quickly go directly to what you're looking for or to simply make browsing through our vast array of products a little easier. If you're looking for a specific product and you already know the Model # or any Keywords about it, these may be entered in the top space. Press Enter or Click Search. ...OR.... You may select from one of the 4 Main Product Groups under "Category" giving you "Sizes and Types" and "Colors and Finishes" pertaining only to that category. Specify a product attribute from both or either of these menus and press Enter or Click "Search". The products matching your search criteria will be listed as thumbnails. After clicking on a thumbnail, the #'s on the bottom of the page, together with the Previous and Next buttons will navigate you through the Main Menu order of that Product Category. Press the Backspace Key or click the Back button on your browser to return to your Search results.
Where do you click to Return to the Home Page?
Click on the Kendal logo at the top right of the page
What Size of Ceiling Fan Should I Choose?
There are no rigid rules about selecting the size of a ceiling fan. The desired air movement in a given location and the overall appearance of the fan is a matter of personal preference. For maximum efficient operation, we would like to offer the following suggestions:
  • In Hallways or small rooms up to 65 sq. feet: use 24" to 30" blade span.
  • In rooms up to 225 sq. feet: use 42" to 44" blade span.
  • In rooms up to 400 sq. feet: use 52" to 56" blade span.
  • In rooms over 400 sq. feet: use 60" to 72" blade span or multiple 52" fans.
Which length of Downrod will I need?
Use the list below as a guide when choosing the correct Downrod for various ceiling heights: Ceiling Height - Downrod Length
  • 8 ft. - Standard
  • 9 ft. - 12"
  • 10 ft. - 18"
  • 11 ft. - 24"
  • 12 ft. - 36"
  • 13 ft. - 48"
  • 14 ft. - 60"
  • 15 ft. - 72"